Plastic Linen Tester

Black, White or Clear

X5.5 magnification

25mm dia lens

Individually boxed


Guide price

2.39/250 pcs

Black plastic Linen Tester

Ref: SB9812


White plastic Linen Tester



SB9813P White Plastic Linen Tester

Transparent plastic

Linen Tester



Black Metal

Engraved or printed


Silver Metal

Metal Linen Tester

(Loupes, Prover or Stitch Counter)

Available in Black or Silver colour metal.

Hands Free Magnifier for close work

x8 magnification.

25mm x 25mm cut-out

With metric & imperial scale

Supplied in high quality black PU pouch

Guide price

Black 5.99/288 pcs

Silver 6.20/288 pcs

Eschenbach Linen Tester

Highest quality x10 power

Ref: SB1255

Guide price 19.90

Metal Linen Tester

x10 power

Supplied with PU pouch case.

Guide price 4.50

Minimum 108

SB9801 Chrome DeLuxe Hand Held Magnifier 63mm

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Sales Office:


020 3221 1994

020 3321 1990

SB9815M  Black Metal Linen Tester

Plastic Linen Tester with integral light.

On/off switch.

Bright light for even

clearer definition.

x5 magnification

25mm dia lens

Individually boxed


Guide price