The INFO CARD is a folded, double sided printed 200gm card with a

Fresnel magnifier lens sandwiched in the centre.   


The lens swings out of the folded card on a rivet, and is ideal for checking small print, prices, technical specifications, road maps, and for many other situations.


Some suggestions for use could be:

Visitors guide, Financial information, Product details, Graph charts,

Pharmaceutical product guide, Recipes, Tourist information,  Map reading, NHS Patient information, Nutritional guidelines etc.


The INFO CARD is the size of a credit card, and fits in a wallet, purse or handbag for



Minimum is 2,500 cards with full colour print on all sides of the card, and a plain magnifier lens.



SB9801 Chrome DeLuxe Hand Held Magnifier 63mm

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020 3221 1994

020 3321 1990

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